The biggest difference between polarized sunglasses and ordinary sunglasses is how he works, it has polarized properties.

Polarized sunglasses can completely isolate the dazzling glare caused by various factors such as scattering, reflection, refraction, etc., which means that glare and reflections from objects such as water or shiny cars can be reduced, thereby reducing the stress on the eyes, not only that, for some The strong filtering of ultraviolet radiation also reduces the damage to human eyes.

Of course, in addition to protecting the eyes and reducing eye strain, polarized sunglasses can also make objects look sharper and clearer, with improved contrast and color perception, which increases visual comfort.

This is the benefit of sunglasses.

Of course, sunglasses are not without their disadvantages, because they are not suitable for everyone, and they also have certain disadvantages in some special occasions.

For example, a pilot wants to see sunlight flickering from another plane at a distance long enough to avoid a collision. It would be dangerous not to see that flash.

Polarized glasses can also be bad (especially for people with severe astigmatism) due to depth perception issues, as polarized light can mask the depth of cracks, holes, bumps, and ridges when walking, biking, or driving, and can mask railroad crossings , which is also very dangerous.
Polarized glasses have obvious advantages, but they also have some serious and dangerous disadvantages, which are also very necessary to know when choosing sunglasses.

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