Our drivers are most afraid of the sun. Many times, especially on the high speed, the field of vision is wide. Ultraviolet light through the glass on the eyes, long time will cause visual fatigue. Sometimes will make the driver friends feel dizzy, lose accurate visual information, resulting in misjudgment. Easy to cause traffic accidents, although this is very dangerous. Then there are many advantages of polarized sunglasses when use to drive.

Although the front and copilot of the car will have a sunshade, the sunshade will not only resist the light. But also hinder the line of sight. The far light behind us can be solved by anti-glare rearview mirror. What about the far light coming in the opposite direction? That’s when our polarizing glasses come in handy.

What are the advantages of polarized sunglasses by car?

  1. When driving to the sun, it can effectively block the damage of the sun to the eyes, so that the driver friends can make a better judgment of the road conditions.
  2. When we drive with our backs to the sun, we can also effectively block the sunlight reflected by the opposite vehicle, so as not to cause temporary blindness and ensure safety by shooting into the eyes during the period.
  3. As friends who drive through the tunnel at high speed know that when we drive in the tunnel for a long time and our eyes have adapted to the darkness, once we leave the tunnel, there will be temporary discomfort, which is very dangerous. If you wear sunglasses, you can effectively avoid this.
  4. When there is a rainstorm, the light shines on Rain Water will produce diffuse reflection, if we wear sunglasses can filter out this reflection, thus making the completion more clear.

Misunderstandings of Automobile sunglasses

  1. The darker the color, the better.

Many people think that the darker the color of sunglasses, the better the isolation of ultraviolet light, this view is incorrect.

The real situation is that the function of sunglasses in filtering ultraviolet light is only related to the coated film, and the darker the color, the better. Drivers who drive long distances, in particular, are more likely to tire their eyes if they wear too dark sunglasses, and it will be more dangerous to enter places with dim light, such as tunnels, from strong sunlight.

  1. No myopic glasses.

Some driver friends will have a slight myopia, usually driving without myopic mirror is not a big problem. If you wear sunglasses, then the problem will arise, the eyes will be more tired, eyesight will also decline, just as driving eyesight at night will be affected. Therefore, the driver of mild myopia, usually driving no problem. If you want to wear sunglasses, must equip with myopic lenses.

  1. Colorful pursuit of fashion

There are many beautiful color sunglasses, the price is low, wear it while playing, but not use when driving. It is very dangerous not only to isolate the dazzling sun, but also to have poor vision due to the quality of the lenses. We drive in the sun, wearing sunglasses is the right thing to do, but we must choose genuine manufacturers or glasses shop glasses, roadside stand products really can not believe.

The principle of selecting and purchasing sunglasses for cars

  1. We must choose the sunglasses produced by regular manufacturers, which have the function of preventing ultraviolet light. Roadside stalls, hawkers sell glasses, often can not meet the standard of UV protection, it is best not to choose to buy.
  2. When we choose, we must pay attention to the lens surface must be smooth, flawless, bubble-free, no ripples, no wear marks. To put the lens flat, from the horizontal direction to see if the lens is warped, uneven or with traces, bubbles of the lens can not be purchased.
  3. The color selection of lenses is very important, which should base on the principle that the color of the surrounding environment can not distort, the edge of the object is clear, and the different color signal lights must recognize.
  4. To buy sunglasses, you also have to consider the matching relationship between sunglasses and eye size, face shape, eyebrows, nose, that is, whether it is comfortable to wear.

Why do sunglasses have to buy polarized sunglasses?

General sunglasses only use the effect of dimming, which is because the general lens can not filter the light, so it can only reduce the intensity of glare and ultraviolet light, and can not completely block these harmful light, so its function is only to reduce the damage to the eyes.

Different from the general sunglasses, polarizing lenses can completely block the dazzling glare caused by scattering, flexion, reflection and other factors because of their polarizing properties. At the same time, it can also completely block the harmful ultraviolet light to the human eye, so that when people move in strong light for a long time, the eyes are not tired, to achieve the function of real protection, and can make the things seen more clear and three-dimensional. There are many advantages of polarized sunglasses to use for driving.

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