Whether you’re hiking trails, biking paths or just walking the dog, a good pair of outdoor sunglasses is essential to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays and glare. Custom sunglasses offer the perfect combination of performance, comfort and style for active outdoor enthusiasts. Today, leading custom outdoor sunglasses factory tell you more about sunglasses knowledge.

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Lens Technology Ensure Your Eyes Comfortable

The right lens material and coatings ensure optimum clarity and light reduction:

• Polycarbonate lenses – Very impact-resistant and tough, polycarb lenses are best for rugged outdoor use. They come in a range of tints.
• Polarized lenses – These filters eliminate glare from reflective surfaces like water and snow, improving contrast and reducing eye strain and fatigue.
• Photochromic or transition lenses – These darken and lighten automatically based on the light conditions for all-day comfort.
• UV protection – Look for at least 99-100% UV block to shield your eyes from sun damage while outdoors.
• Antifog lens coatings – These help prevent lens fogging in humid conditions or when perspiring during physical activity.
• Antiflective coatings – Reduce reflections off the lens surface for increased light transmission and clearer vision.

Frame Technology No Matter Metal Or Plastic Materials

The frame needs to be flexible yet durable enough to withstand outdoor demands:

• Titanium frames – Extremely strong and lightweight, titanium is ideal for lightweight, flexible frames that can take some abuse.
• Polymer frames – Plastic frames offer good flexibility, impact resistance and affordability. Nylon and TR-90 are popular options.
• Rubberized sleeves – Rubberized ear and nose pieces provide a secure, slip-free fit during physical activity.
• Non-metal hinges – High-quality nylon, acetate or composite hinges last longer and function better in wet conditions.

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Ergonomic Design For Outdoor Sunglasses

• Wide temple arms – Wider arms provide a secure grip without pressure points.
• Non-slip rubberized coating – Grips the ear and nose better during exercise.
• Armadillo-style rubber pads – Soft rubber cushions contact points for a comfortable fit.
• Flexible hinges – Allow frames to gently contour to different facial shapes.
• Custom fit options – Adjustable temples or nose pads allow for a truly personalized fit.

Style Choices Of Popular Sunglasses

Outdoor sunglasses are available in a range of sports-inspired styles:

• Wrap-around – Offer optimal peripheral vision and coverage from elements.
• Shield – A visor-like style that protects the entire eye area.
• Aviator – Iconic vintage look with adjustable side arms.
• Wayfarer – Classic rectangular shape in timeless casual style.
• Cat eye – Updated visor silhouette with curved top bar.
• Goggle – Provide virtually all-around coverage for extreme environments.