Sunglasses have become a fashion essential and health necessity. While retailers offer convenience, factory direct sunglass sales allow customers to get high-quality products at lower prices.

Sunglasses factory direct sales allow customers to purchase high-quality eyewear at lower prices due to the removal of retailer markups. This guide discusses the key benefits of purchasing sunglasses directly from the manufacturer.

Sunglasses factory direct sales

Higher Value For Paid Of Outdoor Sunglasses

By eliminating intermediaries like distributors and retailers, factory direct sales cut out unnecessary costs. This enables sunglass manufacturers to offer products at lower prices without compromising on quality. Customers get more value for their money.

Factory direct sunglass sales are typically 20-50% cheaper compared to retail prices for the same product. This savings can be significant, especially for purchasing in bulk for businesses, events or gifts.

Wider Selection Of Styles And Models

Sunglass manufacturers often produce a wider range of styles, colors and novelty designs that may not be stocked by traditional retailers focused on fast-selling basics.

Factory direct sales give customers access to an manufacturer’s entire inventory of sunglasses. This includes exclusive collections only available through the company’s website or factory stores.

The ability to choose from a larger selection allows customers to find the perfect pair of sunglasses that matches their tastes, face shape and lifestyle.

Faster Delivery Times Through Direct Sales By Sunglass Factory

Since there are no retailer middlemen in the supply chain, factory direct sunglass sales typically offer faster delivery of orders. Customers may be able to receive their purchases within a few days rather than weeks.

This is especially beneficial for last-minute or replacement orders, or for customers who need sunglasses quickly for an event or trip. Fast delivery also reduces the chance of customers changing their mind or going with a different retailer in the meantime.

Ability To Purchase in Bulk

Factory direct sales allow customers to purchase sunglasses in large quantities suitable for businesses, events and gifts. This can include discounts for volume orders.

Bulk buying directly from the factory enables companies to outfit their entire staff with branded eyewear, source sunglasses as promotional giveaways or stock up for the season at lower unit costs. The quantity needs of business and institutional customers are best fulfilled through direct factory sales.

Access To Exclusive Deals

Since manufacturer sales channels are focused on selling larger volumes, they often offer exclusive deals and discounts that retail partners do not match. Customers can find factory direct coupons, limited time offers and loyalty bonuses when purchasing from the source.

Some factory stores even price match competitor deals to attract more customers. The competitive pressures of direct sales often result in the best prices for customers.