Sunglasses have long been popular fashion accessories around the world, but their popularity has skyrocketed in China over the past decade. With increasing disposable incomes and greater exposure to global fashion trends, young Chinese consumers are driving demand for China trendy sunglasses, stylish types from both domestic and international brands.

The sunglasses market in China is now estimated to be worth over $15 billion. Industry experts predict that sales will continue growing at around 7% per year as style-conscious Chinese consumers seek out the latest sunglasses designs.

China trendy sunglasses

Several factors account for the rising demand for fashionable sunglasses in China

Several factors account for the rising demand for fashionable sunglasses in China. One is increasing overseas travel. As more Chinese tourists travel abroad, they are exposed to international fashion trends and bring their new tastes home with them. At the same time, China’s domestic fashion and entertainment industries have blossomed. Fashion magazines, websites, and a hugely popular music industry showcase the latest styles to millions of young consumers.

Social media influencers on platforms like WeChat and Xiaohongshu (RED) also drive sunglasses sales by modeling hot new shades. When a certain style of sunglasses appears on top social media stars, their fans rush to buy the same look. Collaborations between sunglasses brands and Chinese celebrities serve a similar function.

Urbanization is another important driver of sunglasses sales. China’s cities are filled with consumers eager to make a fashion statement. Young urbanites see sunglasses as an affordable luxury that shows off their style. And with rising disposable incomes, they have the means to regularly buy the latest sunglass designs.

Several eyewear companies dominate China’s fashionable sunglasses market, including international giants and domestic players. Luxottica, the Italian company behind Ray-Ban, Oakley, and other brands, holds the largest market share at around 15%. Their classic styles continue selling well while partnerships with the fashion industry ensure constant newness.

Chinese companies like Xiamen ASA Optical (OLLIE’S) and Shanghai EFE are major players, combining quick responsiveness to local trends with robust e-commerce savvy. More nascent Chinese brands like Jebs and Blenders are catching on with their stylish, affordably priced sunglasses. And other international brands like Maui Jim, Michael Kors, and Prada also have significant market share.

A few key trends characterize China’s hot sunglasses market:

Vintage styles. Classic shapes from the mid-20th century like cat-eye, round, and aviator sunglasses are revived in chic modern versions. Vintage inspired sunglasses offer consumers classic style with a contemporary twist.

Bold colors and patterns. From bright solid colors like red, white, and blue to bold graphic prints, Chinese consumers favor sunglasses that make a statement. These eye-catching shades signal the wearer’s bold, fun fashion sense.

Reflective lens. Mirrored and other reflective lens varieties remain extremely popular. Their eye-catching flash is inherently glamorous. Branded reflective lenses like Oakley’s Iridium are status symbols.

Extra-large frames. Oversized sunglasses are still going strong, especially among women. They convey a casual, trendy attitude.

High-tech features. Functional details like polarized or photochromic lenses, protective coatings, and lightweight frames satisfy consumer demands for quality and comfort, alongside fashion.

E-commerce growth. More and more Chinese consumers buy sunglasses online, especially through social commerce on WeChat and other platforms. E-commerce now accounts for over 30% of China’s sunglasses sales.

China represents an opportunity to tap into a huge pool of consumers

As China’s middle class continues expanding, the sunglasses industry looks bright. Analysts expect sales growth to remain steady for at least the next five years. Chinese consumers will keep pushing for originality and innovation as they stay on the cutting edge of fashion. For both international and domestic sunglasses brands, China represents an opportunity to tap into a huge pool of consumers ready to embrace new looks. Companies that combine style and quality with digital savvy and local insight can look forward to sharing in the profits of China’s booming sunglasses market.