Designer sunglasses are a fashion must-have for the summer season. Whether you want to start your own sunglasses line or stock up your retail store, working with the right wholesale distributors is essential. Here are some tips for finding quality designer sunglasses wholesale distributors.

designer sunglasses wholesale distributors

Do Your Research

Before contacting any wholesalers, research the sunglasses market and your target customers. Determine the styles, features, and price points in demand. Research your competitors to see what designer sunglasses wholesale distributors they use. Check reviews, social media mentions, and how long wholesalers have been in business. The more you understand about the industry, the better questions you’ll have to evaluate potential distributor partners.

Request Samples

Once you have a list of potential designer sunglasses wholesale distributors, ask to see samples of the products they offer. Good wholesalers will provide free samples to review quality, craftsmanship, and value. Examine frames, lenses, hardware, and case. Test flexibility, durability, and UV protection. Check for flaws like crooked arms, nicks, scratches, or improperly fitted lenses. Sample products will give you a good indication of what to expect from that distributor’s full inventory.

Compare Minimum Orders

Different wholesalers have different minimum order requirements. Some may only require ordering a couple dozen units while others mandate much higher minimums. Compare minimum order policies to determine what works best for your scale of operation and budget. A lower minimum order might be attractive initially but consider what unfavorable pricing and product selection you may sacrifice versus ordering in higher bulk from distributors with higher minimums.

Evaluate Product Selection

Beyond sunglasses, reputable designer sunglasses wholesale distributors offer a wide selection of accessories including cases, cleaning cloths, and chains. Check that potential distributors have the variety of styles, colors, and products you need to meet customer demand. A wide and constantly updated selection shows the wholesaler stays on top of the latest trends. Narrow product lines may indicate the distributor is out of touch.

Compare Pricing

Pricing is crucial but not the only factor when choosing a designer sunglasses wholesale distributor. Get price quotes from multiple sources to compare pricing on the exact same products. Note any upcharges for customization and ask about quantity discounts for larger orders. Wholesalers with the lowest initial pricing may nickel and dime you with hidden fees so confirm all costs upfront. Overall value matters more than the lowest price point.

Evaluate Customer Service

How a wholesaler treats potential customers is a good indicator of how they’ll treat you once you’re an actual client. Test response times by contacting multiple distributors with the same question. Note how promptly and thoroughly they address your inquiries. Ask about what customer service and support resources they offer, like an assigned account manager, online order portal, return policies, and warranty support. Good designer sunglasses wholesale distributors make customers a top priority.

Check Payment Options

Determine if potential distributors accept your preferred methods of payment including credit cards, PayPal, wire transfers, and checks. The more payment options, the more flexibility and convenience for you. However, some payment methods involve additional transaction fees so discuss these costs upfront.

Consider Sourcing Directly From Manufacturers

For the best prices, highest product quality, and most control over customization, consider sourcing designer sunglasses directly from manufacturers. This route requires considerably more work finding the right factories, maintaining relationships, negotiating contracts, and managing logistics. But if your business can handle the complexities, sourcing directly often provides the most value long term.