Si estás pensando en comprar gafas de sol polarizadas, asegúrese de leer este artículo. Si ya compraste unas gafas de sol polarizadas, también debes leer este artículo. Porque mucha gente compra las gafas de sol equivocadas.

Por qué comprar gafas de sol?

Buy sunglasses in addition to good-looking and anti-sun glare, the more important role is sunscreen. Can prevent eye skin aging long fine lines. And prevent eye lesions.

Can your sunglasses protect you from the sun?

Recommended to buy genuine sunglasses with UV400 this logo. It can filter out 99% -100% of UV (95% in European standards). Do not recommend buying sunglasses without UV logo, it may be counterproductive.

Can your sunglasses block the diffuse light?

When choosing sunglasses, it is best to choose a larger area, and a radian can cover the side of the sunglasses. And pay attention to the fit, check all around, don’t have too much space with your face.

Are your sunglasses the right color?

The different colors of sunglasses block different degrees of visible light, not UV. The recommended colors are sorted by practicality: black (gray) > green > brown, and if it is daily, these three colors are optional. Don’t choose green when driving. There will be a color cast.
Yellow is more suitable for hunting and outdoor activities that require seeing things.
Blue and purple are mostly decorative and do not have sun protection.

Need Polarized sunglass vasos? or Mirror glasses?

Polarizer can avoid irregular light glare, especially suitable for driving, fishing and other activities that may encounter reflective objects.
Mirror sunglasses than other sunglasses reduce visible light up to 10% -60%, suitable for skiing, mountaineering, such as dazzling light outdoor activities with.

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