En el verano, todos queremos usar lentes de sol. Pero hay tantas gafas de sol en el mercado, how to choose gafas de sol 2022?

gafas de sol 2022 actualmente en el mercado incluyen:

  • Ordinary sunglasses.
  • Polarizer

The basic requirement of all qualified sunglasses is anti-UV, and the difference between ordinary sunglasses and polarizer is mainly in:

  • principle
  • Effect
  • Usage scenarios
  1. Different principles

Ordinary sunglasses mainly rely on their own absorption of light to reduce the intensity of light, adding coloring compounds in the lens, blocking glare, no filtering effect on glare.
Polarizer is a lens made according to the polarization principle of light, filtering out many polarized light and glare in diffuse reflection, thereby weakening the intensity of light in the sky and making the field of vision clearer and more natural.

  1. Different effect

Ordinary sunglasses can weaken strong light, but they cannot filter glare. Diffuse reflection will still illuminate the human eye, causing indistinct front, serious color difference, eye fatigue and so on.
In addition to anti-ultraviolet and weakening strong light, polarizers can effectively filter glare and solve variouslight pollutionin life. Play the role of anti-vertigo, the line of sight is more clear and natural deformation.

  1. Usage scenarios

Ordinary sunglasses can add a variety of coloring compounds to the lens, making different colors of the lens, a wide range of styles. If only as a fashion decoration, ordinary sunglasses can meet your needs.
Because of the glare in life everywhere, such as water, roadside, architectural glass. Prolonged exposure will cause eye fatigue, dizziness, blurred vision, so whether it is driving, or mountaineering, skiing, fishing and other outdoor activities, it is more suitable to choose polarizer.


A good pair of sunglasses must be polarized!
A good polarizer needs to have: a clear field of vision to filter glare. Look, objects don’t deform. And the polarization rate can reach 99%!

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