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Quanzhou Kaidelai specializes in the operation and production of fashion sunglasses, branded watches and popular accessories. It has its own design and development team to create new products for customization and sales. The company integrates production and sales, one-stop procurement, and global product sales.Established in 2005, our company is a major manufacturer and exporter of eyewear products in China, mainly producing sunglasses, reading glasses and optical frames as well as related accessories, such as cases, pouches, cords and display stands. To meet the different demands of customers, we supply different quality level products in ladies’ fashion accessory shops, department stores, supermarkets, discount shops, pharmacy stores, optical chains & distributors and promotion companies.

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The Appeal of Custom Sunglasses in Personal Style

Custom sunglasses are a unique blend of personal style and functional eyewear, offering individuals a chance to express their personality while enjoying the benefits of tailored eye protection. Unlike mass-produced sunglasses, custom-made eyewear provides a...